Howto set QoS on iptables

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I have openSuse Firewall running and I can do things via Yast. But now I have need to lower priority of news transfers (NNTP protocol) to be low so that other more important traffic get’s the bandwidth.
Could someone please give me examples how to define that kind of a rule in iptables and how to do that customization in OpenSUSE. Thanks beforehand.

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Any answers are welcome. I’m interesting in the same question.

Can you give examples, what should be transferred and priorised?

For example I would set highest priority on VoIP traffic (Skype in particular).

Although, it is certainly possible to prioritize traffic within your local machine, I can’t see the value in undertaking this (unless your local network is saturated), since your real issue is with internet routers that you have no control over.

You can priorize processes with nice. That should help using applications and their transfer like Skype.
Look after your processes, what you can do there.
I don’t have any idea for VoIP at the moment. You can’t do that with IPTABLES on the localhost.

Thank for your answer guys.
I have to say that I use my openSuse machine as router for my local network and I still need to adjust the priority for Skype traffic or reduce it for other types of traffic (e.g. bittorrent).
Any ideas?

The OP wants to prioritize local network traffic. nice is used for CPU scheduling, which will not help here.