Howto? Saving downloaded RPMs from repositories

I am about to use this link to download some RPMs from repositories

Now, I have multiple computers at home and I cannot afford to use the link multiple times and download the RPMs multiple times.

Is there any way to save the downloaded RPMs when YaST downloads the RPMs from repositories? That way, I don’t have to re-download already downloaded RPMs for my other PCs.

Use of rsync is one way to create your own stash & save download time: Re: [opensuse] Re: save rpm files from online update

Instead of Yast, try “Smart”; search the forums – there is some good stuff
Smart will place the downloaded rpms in “/var/lib/smart/packages”:slight_smile:
You may have to turn that feature on,

You can take that and make your own DVD repro & use it as a source.

Config Options - Labix

Have fun:)

I just tried it and “smart” did not save the rpms; looked up the config command:

How do I keep the downloaded files after installation?

You can do this once by using “smart -o remove-packages=false <insall|upgrade>” , or set this as a permanent option using
“smart config --set remove-packages=false” . The files are kept on /var/lib/smart/packages .

FAQ - Labix

There you go:)

And maybe this help you too
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