HOWTO. Repairing your own Laptop (All Toshiba Models)

While surfing the web I found this great place:

Disassemble, repair, take apart, upgrade, clean Toshiba laptop or notebook yourself.

I hope some of you find it useful.


**NOTE: **They don’t offer all toshiba models but most of old toshiba users know that sometimes one model applies for 12-14 models.

@Admin. IMHO This shlould be a sticky.

About relevance for a sticky: This forum isn’t about physically repairing hardware, it’s about getting hardware to work in openSUSE. Also, the focus is on just one brand. But it is a very nice list and thanks for the link.

I can’t connect to that link John. I seem to have connection issues today. I posted a thread about it in chitchat.

Can’t decide where the issue lies, but it will likely sort itself out :expressionless:

Truth about relevance. openSuSE forums is focused on Software and not Hardware. This is completely understandable and I completely agree with you from the goals perspective on openSuSE and anyother distro forum. Said that…
However, to get the software working you need a completely working machine, :wink: … so, in my opinion this is a complement to have software and hardware at the same time. I don’t know how much you digged in that link, but if you have done as I did then you will see that they even offer support, and they live from donations, as most of open source distros, which was what attracted to me.
This other place offers support for all models available, but you must pay only to get one guide and I guess that’s not the spirit of open standards.
One more thing.
The link provided in my first post, does not make you a technician and does not provide the elemnts to diagnose which parts are damaged or which ones work just well, but it’s helpfull on simple tasks like changing your keyboard or removing the video cable when your monitor shows a line in the middle or blinks continuosly.
I even recommend everyone to take their laptops to the original dealer or service center. But I will not stop anyone who is interested in learnig to try every once in a while with a broken laptop to see what they have inside.
Many software issues are hardware related and the better you prepare and inform your users the better the quality and linux experience gets increased.

Kind Regards


This site has got much more stuff (Models and brands) and it’s free :wink: