howto port qcad to wxwidget

hi all
i am not a programmer…
but i have some scripting skills

it seems that qcad is produced mostly by one man Andrew Mustun… he was need a cad as he like to work… and he made it. in root i don’t agree with way it works(interface).
i really respect developers of qcad and QT but, i hope you understand me, i didn’t want to waist my time with QT. So in two words i want port QCAD to wxwidgets…
i understand that it is a huge compicated task… but i think i need to start this.
it will be easier to buy sw… but i didn’t search for easy ways :slight_smile: and they did not exist…

i have too many words to describe(or promote) this… but for now it not impotrant.
i just want to start myself… and i ask you for help. So from what i need to start? any you thoughts about this are very welcome :slight_smile: