HowTo make 'details' the default view in Dolphin


I’m a KDE newbie. I’ve been away with Gnome during openSUSE 11.1 while KDE matured, and it has, nicely.

I like to see the “details” view in my file browser: small icons arranged vertically with permissions and such like arrayed horizontally.

How do I arrange for that to be the default view?


There’s a button on the toolbar, well a few buttons
Icons, Details, Columns…

Just click Details
Adjust the folder/file size slider down

I would like to have the same as Swerdna. In the configuration, I can only find tabs to influence the different views, but no way to make one view the default.

The Details button does work, but when one goes to a different directory, it is wrong again! When I navigate back to the directory where I was when I pushed the detail button the detail view is back.

IMHO this means that Dolphin memorizes a view type for every directory, which is a waste of effort and storage. I am not at all interested in silly icons, I want a more or less neat ouput of ls -l, always and everywhere.

Do I look at the wrong places to achieve this or did they realy replace Konqueror with something that has regressions?

It does work, check these](
I don’t use details as I do loose multi-columns
But you can reduce the folder size in details. I’ll post a view in a mo

Here you go](

Thanks. It was the button “use common view prop…” that I was missing.

That worked indeed, thanks (imho that radio box has the wrong default).

I also wonder why the two pannels left and right are there.

The right one has the description of the directory I am in using an awfull amount of space for an icon and a bit of text. I tried to move the divider between it and the middle panel completely to the right to let it disappear in vane.

The left one has also things I do not quite understand why they are there. After some clicking on them it seems that the directories that happen to be mount points are among them?!? My idea is that mount points are not something the end-user must have any knowledge about. There is something mounted there by the system manager and then it is hidden in the one and only Unix/Linux directory tree where you travel fore and aft without realising that you change to other partions, remote or not.

I am afraid that I have to venture through all the configure options of Dolphin (and more of thoses replacement tools) for quite some time before I dare to install KDE 4 on the systems of my friends. They are even less waiting for change in ther daily way of working then I am.

Good news.
You just have to get familiar with the multitude of configuration
Use the sliders at the bottom of the UI to reduce folder/file size

Here is another look:](

Thanks for inadvertantly letting me know that the new Top Gear series is out ;).

Yeah Man. Great show. They do one down under now too, just without the Poms ;)eh John…
Grab it with get_iplayer, self compiled mind you, works better.

I do know I have a different attitude to all these changes. I prefer to use my system as a means to achieve things. A lot here see it as a the aim in itself. I am rather satisfied with my 10.3. I am now slowly going to 11.2 because of securty reasons. Not for new all singing all dancing interfaces (Motive would still work perfect for me).

And I am still a sort of computer freak, willing to spend time in trying and learning. But my wife amd some other friends are definitely not. They will come to you having a problem when a button is on a different place or hs a different colour from yesterday. Let alone when they have to use Dolphin in stead of Konqueror, etc. For them it is if you changed their furniture including their favorite chair. And o yes, the TV installation now has all buttons on nother place and the programs are sorted different and …

And who is tthe one that organised all this misfortune? It is me the silly Linux supporter >:)

pfft! I woudn’t even bother looking at the Aussie version, nothing comes close to the dry humour/sarcasm of the Poms :wink: (I’m half Pom, grew up in Lincs!).

Will iPlayer work outside the UK though? If so, where can I get it?

I actually wrote to channel4 a while back asking if I can get UKTV here in Germany, but they didn’t have any clue and said simply “no”.

I can buy a sat system over here that will get full UKTV but I haven’t bothered lately, we have to get permission from the building tennants association and also have to have it professionally installed (lots of money!)

Sad really, because the decoder box and dish come in at under €200.

I get my UKTV fix the naughty way at the mo (wink, wink, say no more, say no more ;)).

Can you browse and watch bbc or not, you may be able to watch their world service version but not the

Maybe someone else can confirm if they have get_iplayer working outside the UK,
I can always upload the files you will need and instruction to make flvstreamer do the work, gives a better result than rtmpdump

That would be extremely nice of you :D.

I could always use tork I guess, although last time I tried to install it under rc2 it wasn’t ready, maybe it’s been added to the repo now.

I nearly got the Aussie ABC working through tork, but the connection from Aus is so lousy to Europe that it just didn’t work. It conned them into thinking I was in Aus though - suckers ;).

I’ll PM you when it’s ready. I’m a busy man.:slight_smile:

no worries, and sorry for hijacking this thread, I’ll shut up now :D.

Thank goodness for that