Howto install dual boot system?


I have a new hardware with 1 HD drive. Some of my family members insisted to have Vista on this machine. (shudder; I surrendered).

So far I have made 4 primary partitions:

partition 1: half of the harddisk (for Vista)
partition 2: Linux partition for /
partition 3: Linux partition swap
partition 4: Linux partition for /home

Vista is installed in partition 1. Now I plan to install SuSE-11.1 into the remaining three partitions. Will this destroy the already running Vista or can I just go ahead? As far as I understand, grub will take command for booting if I install Linux?

Any insight is appreciated.

What you understand is correct. It will not harm any of your files, just go ahead with openSUSE. Grub will do the rest for boot option.
For vista, there are some grub issues, but not in every case. Let us know, if face any issues. We are here to help.

Also go thru this guide before installing if you haven’t installed yet.

HowTo Multiboot with Windows Bootloader - openSUSE Forums

It helped me, hopefully it will help you too