Howto clean install on 11.2 on hw raid1 and lvm?

The Yast installer must have some challenges when it comes
to hw raid1 and lvm.

  1. If the disks are clean, Yast Installer (DVD & Live USB)
    fails to partition right. A second start of the installer
    then works and one can complete the partitioning

  2. Once the install is done, two things can happen:
    a) There is no grub in the MBR => no boot
    b) System boots into a sort of rescue mode where
    one can change things.

All in all I have not been successful installing. I guess
I’m hit by bug 505670, which is fixed with a new lvm release,
but even this doesn’t help as I cannot upgrade as the initial
install is broke.

Any ideas/help appreciated.