HowTo change the background image of the login screen?

How is the background image of the login screen configured? I mean this image:

Which desktop environment?

The picture you show is the lock screen and not the login screen!

Under Plasma simply open systemsettings->workspace bahaviour->screen locking->appaearance

For login scrren aka sddm simply open systemsettings->startup and shutdown-> login screen (SDDM)

That explains a lot. I didn’t realize that the screen presented upon reboot (when I didn’t have auto-login enabled) was different from the lock screen. When the screen is locked, I can move the mouse pointer from one display to the other and enter my password in either one. But when the login screen is presented, I can’t change displays. At least not using the mouse.

The login screen is from the Display Manager, NOT from t he desktop. Simply because there is no desktop at that moment, there is not even an logged in user…

The screen locking is a feature of the desktop that is running at that moment for that particular user. The user is NOT logged out, only her/his session is locked from access by passers by when he/she is going to the toilet…

Indeed. At one time it was XDM, KDM, GDM, etc. I read somewhere that it is now something called Plymouth. I wasn’t sure how things are glued together these days. I just wanted a background more pleasing to me. That’s why I provided the picture. I suspected my vocabulary was incorrect.

It is still something that ends in dm. Plymouth is something different again. It is what you see during the boot of the system.

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