Howto change desktop


I’d like to have KDE and Gnome installed and choose between the two when opening a session, with the same user if possible, else for the next session of the current user.

Is it possible? How ?

Thanks in advance

install it via YaST - software management,select patterns from the drop-down menu & then select the desktop environment you require. once installed, log out & select a different DE from the sessions menu


Thank you for this. I installed KDE environments (base + Desktop, versions 3 + 4 !!!, disks are so cheap now ! ;-). When I logout , I get no choice of environment at the login-form.

I missed something !! sure !!

but what ? any configuration of this choice, where ? some file to edit ?

Thanks for your help

Look carefully, that session selection menu is sometimes hard to spot.

You were perfectly right !!! ( shame on me !!!)

(the menu appears only after the choice of the login name)

Quite sincere thanks to you !