Howto: Blackberry Contacts Sync with Evolution

I was pleased to discover that it is now easy to sync Blackberry contacts in Linux. In case anyone hasn’t found this yet, here is the disgustingly easy process.

You need the following:

A gmail account (it’s free)
Evolution for Linux
A working Blackberry


Set up a gmail account at


I’m using, and cannot say if this is backwards compatible.

Instead of the default address book location (On This Computer), choose Google. In the popup window which results, check the boxes for Copy Content Locally for Offline Operation, Mark as Default Address Book and SSL. Set your preferred time for how often the address book syncs with Google. I set my sync time very low since I don’t always have Evolution open and I want to make sure a sync happens when I access email.

When prompted enter your gmail information from the account you set up above.


On the Blackberry, take the mobile browser to and download the free mobile sync application.

Register with the same gmail account as above. Immediately after install and periodically thereafter (or manually if you prefer) the mobile Google app updates the Blackberry’s contacts with your Gmail address book.

Since your Evolution is also updating on a regular basis, the Blackberry and Evolution address books will sync. If you change a contact in Evolution it will update to the Blackberry and vice versa. No plugging into the PC with the USB is required.


hey thanks…

I’m still hoping RIM will develop their softwares to support linux

How do I do that? When I go to edit-preferences-contacts in Evolution, there is not option other than “on this computer”. Nor is there anything at action-address book preferences.

How then can I choose Google?