How's openSUSE on Thinkpad T430?


I’m an ex-Ubuntu User who moved on to CentOS 7 and stayed there for a while. CentOS 7 is greate except it appears to be more of a Server OS (My Desktop related questions there were either ignored or sullenly answered). I love XFCE and have been using it happily on Ubuntu, but using it on CenOS 7 was somewhat troublesome.

I’m looking for a nice Linux Distro to settle down with. Eventually planning to replace Windows 7. I’m done with the creepy slowness that gets in after every few weeks+the trojan/spywares that seem to further creeping the system to a halt.

I also dabble with Perl Scripting once in a while and planning to get start learning bash scripting as well. Any fellow thinkpadders here who have been using openSUSE for a while ? Hows the overall experience? Any heat / fast battery consuption noted? Especially someone with a T430. Mine’s without the switchable graphics. I just have the Intel Integrated graphics.

For three years I’ve been using a T420s. Trouble is the optimus ********. Except for that it is a good notebook and openSuse just works. Maybe you look for my questions in this forum to get an impression of my troubles in the last three years. But please bear in mind that I love to tinker a little bit too much: newer kernel version, newer KDE, oops, … I had – as far as I remember – one issue, which has been solved: the USB 3.0 port did not work properly under openSuse. Everything else was a) tinkering or b) optimus caused .

I’ve got tumbleweed running on a T430 - everything works except you need to tune for better power management - out of the box battery life is about 1/2 what it should be. After setting up tuned with a powertop profile, power useage is acceptable. See!