How2 load 11.2 on empty F: partition

I decided to simplify things and got rid of Win7. I am writing this from my laptop wireless. I did have to land line it to complete the installation. I then found where to go to get the wireless to work. I am sooooo happy it worked.
I tried 10.0 (or was it 9.?), anyhow I could not get wireless to work at all neither could I get my ATI to function properly.
Everything went very smooth. I’ll be traveling through MoFox and the rest of the OS, peacefully I’m sure.
I do have one question; do I need an antivirus program to protect me while on the internet? I think I know the answer, just want to double check.
This is fantastic not having to enter root (or whatever it is called) just to get the hardware working.

Thanks for all your attention. I determined I was making things harder than they should be. I’m sure as I use 11.2 I’ll find the things I need when I can’t do something. My first quest will be getting access to my Windows Live e-mail and IM. I’m not in a race to get there. I’ve got at least 6 months before the USA crashes (along with the rest of the world). Right now I am happy;)

You can always install Windows in a VM (virtual machine) Thats what I do. Note: VM’s do not work really great with high-end 3D gaming but any buisness app works fine. That’s what I do. :wink:

Thank You gog.
I got my XP desktop for Win stuff.
I just need access to my e-mail. I like my Live web based service. I also nees to get kde to play streaming audio. Playing with that now. Got to get my daily fix.

Have you installed the restricted multimedia stuff yet?

Restricted Formats/11.2 - openSUSE-Community

Anti-virus is not required

Nice you have it working.

And as a miracle your font is also normal.