How will PolicyKit-kde work?

Hi. I read about the PolicyKit integration in KDE 4.3 and am wondering how it will work in the future. Does it mean, that actually all the programs shipped w/ 4.3 will use PolicyKit to raise their privileges in certain situations?

e.g will it finally be possible for Dolphin to ask a user for root password to delete/move/copy a file which has root privileges or to save a file in Kwrite when only root has save rights? Or would it have to be implemented in even further future?

Or would the user be able to edit the rights of Dolphin to move/remove/copy root files in a neat, GUI menu?

I guess there will be some predefined settings but you can define your own and for that You need to read some PolicyKit manual to know how to do that :smiley:

Ok, good to know that. But a feature i have already dreamed about for many months now without first knowing about policykit integration is the ability for Dolphin or Kwrite to ask a user for password when they need to alter root’s files. That way user wouldn’t have to change or worry about anything else, it would be done for him.

Will that also happen? I reckon it would be a matter or these programs’ devs to implement such functionality in their code?

I guess you could set it yourself, i’m not sure if it will be implemented. I personally wouldn’t do that because if there would be some PolicyKit exploits then they would be used to also alter root files etc.

If i’m not wrong no change is necessary for any programs to allow such actions. Honestly, you just have to look it up yourself

Have a read here: