How well Lenovo ThinkPad's are functional with Opensuse leap?

Hello team,
I’m planing to write mail to Santa Klaus and I’m not so sure if Lenovo ThinkPad T or X series notebook will be good gift to find under the Christmas Tree? I’m newcomer from Windows and I know that linux is tricky to have with random hardware. So question is: Will Lenovo ThinkPad all hardware will functional with OpenSUSE Leap? I know one issue is with finger-print scanner but that’s not big deal, I’m mostly worried about Intel Graphics (but as I understand its integrated in CPU), and audio drivers and touch pad drivers and finger-mouse-tracker which I really would like to have fully functional, that’s why I’m going with Lenovo but not Dell. Also Wifi drivers?
Please share your experience if you use any of ThinkPad?
Thank You.

One thing I’m sure of: on linux meetings I see a lot of Thinkpads . Over the years I’ve done quite a few installs on them, IIRC they all worked out of the box.

Not necessarily openSUSE related, but, as a happy Lenovo X230 user, I will tell you this:
I don’t want to use any other laptop with Linux. In my X230 I tried both openSUSE 13.2 and Fedora 23. In 13.2 everything was perfect, even the mic/mute buttons that was not functional in Fedora.

Because of work, I had to use Fedora and later RHEL 7.x Problems? NOTHING. Hardware? 100% working, out of the box.
Because of my work I use various Lenovos with RHEL. Even the P70s (which come with an NVidia) work really, really well. And RHEL is behind openSUSE in terms of hardware support.

So, yes, go and write that letter.

PS: I would search a little bit more if you want Santa to bring you an X1 (just to be sure :slight_smile: )

Ho ho ho, so if you write that letter to me, how should I guess what model you would like? My Sta. Clause mates here all use Thinkpads, all of them running OpenSuse Leap 42.3. The oldest (Laptop) is a T500, just doing what it should perfectly (yep, we at Clause Factory do support old models too). Others run: W510, W700ds, x230, T520, x250, x260, T460p, p50, p71. All OpenSuse Leap 42.3, we have ZERO complaints. So: place your letter and let me know (who pays the bills anyway)? Greez Chris aka Sta Substitute PS: We pay for our laptops by ourselves.