How well is Firefox 3.5 running on 11.1 for you?

I’ve read the various threads on installing FF3.5 and it seems a mixed bag as to how well it runs. But as it’s the nature of forums to skew things to look worse than they are (people mostly post due to problems rather than how well something works) I’d like to hear if the problems being experienced are limited to a few and that the majority are happy with FF3.5 and is working fine for them.

I installed it on my wife’s XP laptop and liked how fast it was so would like to install it on my oS11.1 but only if it works well.

I am using it for over one week on 11.1 KDE.
For me, it is just ok… Not much things changed since 3.0.11 for me. The same look and feel, speed etc. Just one thing changed and that is version number…from 3.0.11 to 3.5.

Well I haven’t upgraded because it’s not in any of the repos I have set up.
Last time I installed Firefox outside of the package manager my system ended
up with split personalities. Not sure if that is what is causing some of
the complaints about 3.5 or not.

Working just fine for me. Most of the issues you have read about are likely to be user config related.

Ok. I’ll give it a go.

work fine for me on 11.1 x86_64

I have a little web app I wrote that sometimes executes a javascript loop that places a LOT of markers on the google maps thing you can put in a web page. The performance of javascript in this situation is a lot faster. This is a rather extreme circumstance and it’s not so noticeable in ordinary web browsing, but as more web sites do more and more with javascript I expect it to make a noticeable difference.


There’s still that problem with mozilla-xulrunner191 from the mozilla repo. I updated it today and Firefox wouldn’t start. I had to use the one from the factory repo.

I also learned that the fast javascript engine hasn’t been ported to 64 bit yet, so if you’re using that version like I am, javascipt performance hasn’t improved.

I did the SunSpider benchmark and my MacBook with Webkit scored 815 while Firefox 3.5 in openSUSE got 4294.

Runs very well here so much so I was able to re-activate a security
app that fx has. The one that runs pages by Google to make sure they’re safe. It used to slow Fx down under, 3.5 it loads like as quickly as 2.0 did.

What a bull crap, the mozilla repo contains appropriate xulrunner version along Firefox 3.5. So before posting check if it still applies…

I stand corrected on the speed thing
I made that post from a 32 bit windoz laptop
My supposedly faster desktop that is 64 bit 11.1 runs the bench mark about half as fast as the laptop


If this post is directed at me, what can I say? I updated to Firefox-3.5.0-7.1 and mozilla-xulrunner191- from the mozilla repo and Firefox wouldn’t start. So I updated xulrunner191 to from mozilla:/factory/openSUSE_Factory and it worked.

How come i have exactly that version of xulrunner and it works without any problems?

I have the same thing installed in Milestone 3 and it’s working. The problem I had was in 11.1.

No matter, let’s leave that discussion for other thread :slight_smile:

For me Firefox 3.5 works great, all my add-ons worked fine, can’t say it starts faster but it definitely isn’t slower :slight_smile:

Definitely good update :slight_smile:

3.5 works great other than the well noted launch feedback thing which has zero effect on performance. It’s much faster on my X64 11.1 KDE 3.2 install than 3.0 was.

Works just aw well in the wife’s crippled 1.4 ghz machine on 32 bit 11.1 with KDE 3.2 as well.

Are you sure you are using kde3.2?

LOL 3.5

Wasn’t paying enough attention to my KDE version

Working fine here on both x86 and x86_64.

Did you try adding the Mozilla repo?

I’d be interested to know what others are getting when running this benchmark:

SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark

Remember, 32 bit should be faster than 64 bit. My score was 4294 with the 64 bit version of Firefox 3.5.