How use two monitors with openSUSE?

What would i need (hardware and software) to run openSUSE on two monitors at once? And what are my options? For example, can i split the same desktop screen into two parts? Or can i put a different desktop onto each monitor?

I only run twinview which is the screen across two monitors
(Viewsonic VX1940w) giving me a desktop size of 3360x1050 using a
EN8600GTS (silent) the card has 2xDVI out rather than the other one I
use to use which was a EN6600GT (Silent) which had 1xVGA and 1xDVI.

I recommend trying to use the monitors at same resolution if you can as
it’s less of a configuration issue.

Just make sure the card you use can support the resolution of your

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Thanks, I’ll check out the video card too!