how update OpenSUSE 11.1's OpenOffice to 3.1?

I just installed OpenSUSE 11.1 and it has openoffice installed but it’s version 3.0, which is pretty old by now. How can I update this to the latest stable version via YAST?

There is a Build Service - OpenOffice repo that has version 3.1. Go into Add Repositories in YaST and pull up the available community repos, and you’ll see one for OpenOffice.

Sorry, I can’t find the OpenOffice 3.1 stable version for Opensuse 11.1.
Could you post the link?

Thank you a lot.

All OBS repos can be found at:

Index of /repositories

  1. Go into YAST - > Software Repositories
  2. Click the “Add” button to add a repository
  3. It will show a ton of “radio buttons”, choose the one at the top marked “Community Repositories”
  4. After they load, click the one with “Open Office”

I have it installed from the Mozilla community repo. Note that if you don’t see it in the community repos list in Yast is probably because it (the repository) has already been added, so check your repo list first.

Also if 3.1 is not shown (in blue), it may be because the priority of the mozilla repo is lower than the update repo.

I add the oo repo. Even if I set the priority to 5… if I go to the package manager in yast its shows every installed package is up to date (3.0).


There is still something strange about this because the not installed oo packages show an available version of 3.1

Any ideas???