how update k3b in opensuse 13.1

hi I use K3b and k3bcodecs and I use packman repo. k3b I can install it only from packman, can you tell me why I must use k3b of packman (old version) instead of k3b of main repository (last version)? If I try to install it from main repo the OS warn me I cannot update it but I can only install k3b from packman repo. maybe it is a dependency issue?

Use k3b from Packman not OSS
Why? Because…

No, they are exactly the same version.
FYI, in 2.0.2-29.1.3, only 2.0.2 is the “version”. The part after the ‘-’ mainly depicts the number of changes/rebuilds (“revision”), and has absolutely no significance whatsoever when you compare packages from different repos.
Actually Packman’s version is newer, as it is rebuilt all the time (and changed maybe), whereas the version in the main repo is fixed at the state it was when 13.1 has been released.

That said, if you really want to, you can of course install the version from the main repo. But then you have to uninstall k3b-codecs, which means you won’t be able to create AudioCDs from mp3 files (and other formats), and to rip AudioCDs to mp3 (or others) and similar features.