How-To's from old forums


I was wondering if there could be a way of moving some of the old How-To’s from both SLS and SF forums. I am not talking about all of them, but maybe for some it could be worth it.

The main reason is that some people put effort on those and, the way the search is working by default, it skips non active topics. If they get moved to the new forums’ How-To’s section they would be more easy to find.

Thanks for considering.

We’d planned to move some stuff right after the launch, but we’re still working through the impact that might have on NNTP breakage, so give us a bit.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I just can’t find where after 5 minutes search, but oldcpu has a series of posts about transfer of HowTos from SLS wiki to the opensuse wiki. that might be of interest in the context of this thread, if you can find it.

I’ve been planning on moving all the old SLS HOW-TO’s to openSUSE wiki’s. Along that line I created a master list with:

  • the HOW-TO Title,
  • the SuSE version(s) it was applicable to, and
  • categorized which one’s I believed were current, which one’s I thought were not as part of a recommendation as to whether we should migrate that HOW-TO into a new wiki, or just “drop it”.
  • pointer to original HOW-TO author

The list is so large, it comprises a total of 5 posts.

I’ve been planning on posting that list here in the HOW-TO area, for users to view, and also to solicit help in moving it to the openSUSE wiki area. Its a matter of timing, … should I move the old SLS HOW-TO list now, … or wait another week?

Since we will be looking for volunteers to help in the migration, to help in the technical review … I was thinking of waiting until we had a large number of “VISITS” on our new forum, which typically happens around the time of a new openSUSE release (ie next week) …

But what is the view? Is that too late? Should I post this list now?

Upon pondering this, I guess I could move the list NOW for public viewing,

… and then next week when 11.0 GM is released I could reply to the summary, request for HELP post, “bumping” it up on the forum list, so users are reminded we need volunteers.

The volunteer work will be to help in the migration (from SLS HOW-TO to openSUSE wiki) wrt:
a. doing actual move (from a “syntax” perspective) in creating a “draft” openSUSE wiki (which is simply a conversion to openSUSE wiki format from the old how-to format); and
b. technical review of the newly created openSUSE wiki

I’m also hoping in the process, we will identify any how-do duplication, and maybe help reduce the plethora of confusing Linux/openSUSE multiple documentation (on the same subject) in the process.

I can make that very large list available either today or sometime this weekend.

I have an interest in howto’s as you would know, and would be very glad to help.

YES PLEASE !! You have some most EXCELLENT how-to’s hosted on your site.

I was really really really hoping that you could look at the list (when I have it posted) and identify any how-to’s that might match an already existing how-to on your site, and then propose a way forward. … :slight_smile: … ie determine whether we duplicate the information, or whether we have a more detailed version of a how-to on your site … or on the wiki … or the same … or simply a reference to each other, or from one to the other, or what ever. … But I’m hoping you can handle that … :slight_smile: and I’ll work on How-To’s that have no correlation to the excellent work you have already done/started.

I’m fairly comfortable with the wiki syntax, such that I can create the wiki’s as a rough copy of the original HowTo … but the technical review in the most part is well beyond my knowledge.

Sure, it would be a pleasure. I’ll look carefully when you publish the list.

Swerdna bit cheeky but could I make a couple of suggestions, now as you have covered both subjects comprehensively on your site.

The wiki is much in need of good lamp docs and a simple Samba howto, this seems a little overkill and over whelming to someone just trying to share files from windows to linux. Howto setup SUSE 10.3 as Samba PDC - openSUSE

Search results - openSUSE

I would of tackled the lamp one but my documentation skills are far exceeded by yours.

Apache and Lamp are in a state over there, I just had a look.
I had a look too at the linked Samba PDC. PDC is too much for the average user, they need something introductory about a workgroup. After all, domains are a microsoft invention to sell win 2003 server for $AUD1800 each plus extra for > 3 licences. A PDC is useful if you have 20+ workstations on your LAN. Not many of our users need more than a workgroup. Anyway, I’m pontificating SMACK.

Sure, I could look at those 2 areas at that you mentioned after the HowTos from the wiki that I get involved in (haven’t seen the scope of that yet). Probably good to rescue what’s worthy from the SLS wiki first don’t you think?

I agree rescuing from any where but I just happened to know those subjects are lacking. Also an area where you write very good docs in. Also not to sure if there is a good samba or lamp howto in there.

I could add another one that I very much struggled with, more so the choice though, is a good mail server one :wink:

Only teasing just seems you have a very good base for the other 2 subjects, and a dab hand at newbie documentation writing.

OK, I started my large call for Volunteer Help:

If you could go through the list, maybe find some in which you were the original author … etc …

I’m not sure how to track volunteers … I thought I could edit the lists, with an annotation in coloured italics, reflecting every one who volunteers for a specific wiki. … alternatively I could duplicate the list as a wiki, and put the volunteers there … ie create here:
SLS-howto-migration-to-wiki-tracker - openSUSE
with a list as to who is doing what wiki …

But maybe that would be duplicated work. …

The first time one does a wiki, it can be a challenge learning the new wiki syntax. But once one gets the syntax down, and the basic post in place, it becomes much easier.