How to you improve your status ?

In the openSuSE forums each person has
a rank, how are these organized and how do you
get farther up them?


The more you are involved
Titles, Rank, and post counters - openSUSE Forums

Or, bribe a moderator?! :wink:



How much your involved, what do the numbers
for that look like?


Number of posts = how much you are involved in the forum. But then you could post away about something and nothing just to get your numbers up - But it will not earn the respect of the community.

The ‘rep’ button in posts gives you the chance to add to the reputation of someone that has helped you - or on the header links to the thread there is a ‘Rate Thread’.

Also don’t forget the green square under the post count it adds to the reputation of the poster.

Hmmmm. After checking, it would seem we’re not actually allowed to do that, after all.

But you’re not getting your money back, I already spent it.



Involve more in the general chit-chat and!

I hear the moderators here like Skittles.

Uh…beer coupons?

photoshoping an admin’s photo onto blackmail material might work better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Blackmail is so mean!
Will surplus Halloween candy do?