how to write chinese character

I’m a new user of linux. I wanti to know if it’s possible to write chinese character in the different applications (openoffice, thunderbird ecc) and how to do it (keeping the original language of the OS, talian)

Yes it is, (for example) with the package SCIM ( Smart Chinese/Common Input Method platform) and the according additonal packages for the language/font/input method.

And you have posted your question in the sections for the (general) answers.

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Thanks I’ll try to istall
and where I should post my questions?

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Start Menue (Computer) > [YaST >] Install/Remove Software (Software Manager) > type SCIM in the search field
For the basic things you might have a look at the documentation (or just ask again - here are many users willing to help you):
SDB: Official documentation - openSUSE
YaST Software Management - openSUSE
Novell Documentation - Install Software

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It depends on the issue of your question.
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Hello renatof,

I have been searching for a documentation / help text for SCIM / skim but there seems to be not much:
Documentation / Wiki / SCIM - SCIM

I am not using this input method for Chinese characters but sometimes for Korean characters (Hangul) but please do not hesitate to ask further if any problems are appearing.


I found an article on the traditional Chinese wiki of openSUSE including the word “SCIM”:
輸入法 - openSUSE](

I am not able to understand it but maybe it will help you?


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