How to work black and white ?

Hi friends !

Can you tell me how to configure some file(s) to get shell and vim work in monochrome ? (one color for front , one color for back)

thanks in advance

Maybe have a look in ~/.bashrc


I quess (not sure) that this is a property of the terminal (I mean, that even if vi makes colours, the terminal could make them all “foreground”). I do not know which terminal emulator you use, but I would have a look at the configuration of e.g. konsole if I were you.

Henk is pointing in the right direction. Start ‘konsole’, in it’s settings you can choose different color profiles and fonts. These settings are also used by some other terminal programs, for example yakuake.

The colors available in a terminal depends on which terminal application you are using. Are you using a tty, konsole. gnome-terminal, x-term or something else? Vim’s color scheme can be set separately from the terminal (depending on the terminal used). Are you perhaps using GVim? Or are you calling vim from the command line?

We need more information to help you.


thanks to all §

I’m using Terminal GNOME 2.24.

In the menu : Edition/“preferences du profil” (It’s french! I don’t know the english equivalence, it should not be very far), I can change a background color and a foreground color.

But when at shell (bash, of course), several colors come depending on the attributes of files and directories. Under vi, I get other colors too, depending of the syntax of what I edit (shell, C-language, Perl, …).
Depending on the background, some colors can almost diseappear.

To stay stable with different backgrounds, I’d like to kee a unique forground color (let’s say white, for example). This is what I don’t know.

Thanks for your patience!