How to watch DVD in openSUSE 11.1 (KDE) ?

Had read many of the forum’s post and finally managed to watch a dvd in smplayer.

However, for the dvd that I am veiwing,

  • when viewed using a dvd player on television, there is menu to select which chapter/episode to watch.
  • when viewed in smplayer, the video comes out directly and I suspect not all the available videos is played.

What is the “correct/preferred” way of viewing dvd in openSUSE (computer), so that it is the same as watching dvd on television.

Right click on the playing screen
Look for option to root menu

Try kaffeine I think it plays the way you want. Packman version remember!
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Hi caf4926, thanks for the tip.

Kaffeine still tells me that it cannot play dvd due to xine issues and points me to XINE - openSUSE

in turn points me to PackMan :: Package details for xine-lib which contains a 1click install that has a missing package:(

anyway, managed to get Kaffeine working and playing the DVD eventually.

Next task, any idea how to make a copy of the DVD in openSUSE? :slight_smile:

Next task, any idea how to make a copy of the DVD in openSUSE?

k9copy from packman PackMan :: Package details for k9copy


agreed, excellent choice

Know it sounds weird but I’ve never copy any DVD before.

  • Comes to think of it , besides k9copy that both recommended, can K3B do the job?

Read somewhere that copying/ripping DVD is rather difficult due to protection.

  • Can I assume that copying DVD is just like copying CDs, basically just a few clicks of the GUI?
  • As to ripping, does this mean copying the contents of DVD into harddisk? How can this be done?

Thanks in advance for the advise :slight_smile:

Really it’s a matter of figure it out. We can’t discuss copy protection.

Another application you could look at is Dvd95, also from Packman repo. I have not used it but it looks simpler from what I can see.

k3b has a copyDVD option but it will not accomplish some of the tasks possible by the other 2 applications recommended.

Noted, will respect the rules of not discussing copy protection in this forum.

Thanks for the help.

Sorry for hijacking this thread a bit, but I got sort of the same problem, with 1 little extra. Now I can watch DVD’s if I start kaffeine as root. I added myself to the group cdrom, but it didn’ help.

seems like i had to add myself to the disk group as well.

You should not need to run such apps as root.

I know, thats why I wanted a solution. I just gave it a try as root, since it kept nagging about not enough permissions to reas /dev/dvd. As note earlier, adding myself to the cdrom AND the disk group resolved this.

I suspect you have an update problem. Post the terminal output of:

zypper lr --details