How to use variables in a _service file

Hi all,

I search through the docs but could not find any info on this.

Is it possible to use variables (possible from some sourced file) in the _service file?

for example:

  <service name="download_url">¬
     <param name="host"></param>¬
     <param name="protocol">https</param>¬
     <param name="path">/chromium-browser-official/chromium-${MY_CURRENT_VER}.tar.xz</param>

Where MY_CURRENT_VER is a variable stored in another file?

You can define your variables in the project config file.

Thanks, is there any way to do it at the package level?

Not that I’m aware of… But you can just put the version number in the service file?

I would look here for some info: esp with macros, defines etc.