How to use special keys in terminal?

How can I setup my terminal emulator so that I can use the FN special key in Konsole/ Xterm? I can use it in combination with F5 or F6 for example (to change the brightness), but I can’t use it in terminal. Is there a way I can do this?

On 12/30/2011 11:06 AM, riderplus wrote:
> Is there a way I can do this?

probably not…or, not that i have ever run across…

well, are you talking in a full screen Alt+F1-F6 or runlevel three
terminal? or are you talking about being in a (say) xterm, konsole, or etc??

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We need a little more context to know what you’re trying to achieve with xterm or konsole… otherwise I might just point you at something like this

XTERM - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

which may not be what you’re after. :slight_smile:

The second part, i.e. about being in a xterm/konsole. But since you’ve mentioned it, is it possible to use it in a runlevel three terminal?? That would be interesting.

Unfortunately not :frowning: I’ve checked that out already. I would like to map the FN key to use it in certain combos when in xterm/ konsole. I couldn’t find it in the faq.

Ok. By reading this thread and this thread keyboard layout - What are the meta, super, and hyper keys? - Ask Ubuntu - Stack Exchange I understand that Xorg does not really recognize the Fn key. I don’t know why, but uemacs default keybindings contain FN+other keys combos. That’s a bit weird, since it seems that there’s no way to make Fn work in konsole/xterm. So I have to change the FN bindings attached by default by uemacs (for instance FN+h should prompt “help”, but of course it just prints an “h”).

EDIT: There is an app for Mac called Double Command which allows the user to remap Fn as Ctrl key. Unfortunately for us it’s only for Mac users. With the app xbindkeys you can remap any key if you can get a keycode and status after using xev. Pressing the Fn key when xev is executed does not produce any scancode, so it can’t be remapped. Too bad there’s no Linux app like Double Command.