How to use MD5DEEP in Windows

MD5 Checking - Instructions for use with Windows:

If you Find yourself in need to check the md5 hash on the download and you are running windows download the utility md5deep and unzip it into the same directory as your downloaded ISO files. For the md5deep.exe to work correctly you will need to run it from the command line within a DOS window. If you do not know how to open a command prompt on your version of windows here is the general idea:

Windows XP – Start > Run > command <enter>

Vista – Pearl, in the search box type “CMD” without quotes, right click on the program in the listing, select run as administrator.

When you have the DOS window open (black background and white letters) type the following command replacing the file names as appropriate:

Md5deep.exe -m openSUSE-11.1-i586.iso.md5 openSUSE-11.1-i586.iso <enter>

After about 30 seconds the output of the command will print the MD5 hash that it had computed from the ISO file and the ISO file name indicating that it was a match to the MD5 download file. Once I had assured that it was a good download I burned the file to DVD.

I hope this helps out.

CB :slight_smile: