How to use longterm kernel releases (of


Is there a way to use Leap (and keep up to date) with the longterm kernel releases of the ? (currently it is 4.4)

Longer version of the question : I am using Leap on a laptop with new hardware. The default kernel (4.1) didn’t support the hardware so I start to use kernel-stable repo. However it is getting too many updates and I am having occasional stability issues. For example with the latest version bluetooth stopped working and I had to manually switch to one of the previous versions. Also I am not comfortable that many updates. I checked and their longterm version seemed like a good match for me.

thanks in advance.

When you have a kernel that fits you from the kernel-stable repo. why then not stick to that one? Do not update any more from it, or, when you are afraid to forget that, disable that repo.

The downside of doing that is off course it won’t get any bugfix and security updates (which is the reason of existence of longterm support version).

Looking to there are 3 lines of releases: mainline,stable,longterm.
Tumbleweed and kernel-stable repo seem to represent the stable version. So I was hoping that there is a kernel-longterm (analog of kernel-stable) with some kmp modules.