how to use ktorrent to download something?

i am new to linux, i have installed opensuse 11.3 can anyone please tell me how to configure ktorrent so that it can download things???

A Quick Bittorrent Guide (with screenshots)

i have done as u told in the screenshots but still not working.

Have opened the firewall ports and port forwarded your router?

i dont know what u want to say? and how to do that.
the router/dsl modem i am using is listed here

Router Screenshots for the ZTE ZXDSL-831CII-

what and how to do??

PortForward has instructions there for just about every router under the sun.

If you don’t understand this and can’t follow instructions. I can’t really help

You could disable the router firewall, but it’s not my recommendation and you still need to open the ports in the SUSE firewall

The setting this showing for my router i have same settings but stiil ktorrent not working.

ktorrent works fine

But unless you have the settings right, you ain’t going to have any joy. You need to be double checking everything. I guarantee you have not set this up correctly.

I hope this comment is not contraproductive, but I never had to adapt ports to be able to use KTorrent properly (yes, I have a firewall running).

The problem in this thread is that SalmanQamar does not describe the exact symptoms. “not working” can mean anything.

You do have to open the ports in the firewall and your router

No You don’t. Opening ports lets You accept incoming bit torrent connections and will most likely speed up Your upload and download speeds but it’s not mandatory and You still can download without port forwarding.

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Thanks to **gropiuskalle **and caf4926.
Problem solved so please close/lock this thread.

Both upload and download work at full speed without any port-forwarding for me. I had to configure (other) ports for aMule, but not for KTorrent. I am anything but a network expert, I am just showing my experiences, so I can not explain that.

Well it depends what the seeds of the torrent You’re downloading or uploading have got configured on their side. If all of them are open for incoming connections You will be able to download an upload to any of those and so your speed won’t be any different whether You have port forwarding enabled or not. But if all the people seeding or leeching the torrent don’t accept incoming connections there won’t be anyone to download from and so your speed will be zero unless You forward your port.

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I don’t use DHT either

DHT and port forwarding are different things. DHT allows for download beside the tracker directly between peers and can greatly increase the speed for poorly seeded torrents. It has got nothing to do with port forwarding however.

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DHT and port forwarding are different things.

I assume you added that comment for the benefit of the OP

Yes :stuck_out_tongue:

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