How to use KDE Plasma 6 on Krypton

How do I enable Plasma 6 in place of 5 on Krypton? I didn’t think this was a thing yet but a reddit poster is running it. I’ve looked ‘all over’ and can’t find how it is enabled (even on Arch wiki).


6 is alpha version stable is not expected until Feb.

Yes I know, although KDE have released beta 1 now, I still want to know how to use it

I expect it will come in due time. At the moment it would only be available from KDE site. No one has had time to incorporate it in their distro.

You should read

I already have and why? It doesn’t explain how on openSUSE

And this is the answer I was looking for by u/vogtinator on reddit:
“New .isos contain Plasma 6. If you want to upgrade an existing install, you can do zypper install pattern:kde_plasma6 . You’ll have to answer some questions whether to remove Plasma 5 parts. Please report any issues you encounter.”

Then you should read
linked from

that doesn’t include the ‘how to’ either … what point are you making? I have already followed the instructions from reddit on my ‘test’ laptop so I can get a feeling of what it is etc etc, and it boots ok and works ok so far, so I’ve achieved what i wanted.

Sure, it requires reading of the SDB. But if you found everything you need on reddit…good…