How to use github_tarballs?

This is listed as an officially supported service here:

But when I tried to use it on I get this error:
[LEFT]service error: 400 remote error: /usr/lib/obs/service/github_tarballs.service No such file or directory

This should be a supported module, no?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It may not be implemented on the openSUSE Build Service (but can be implemented on a private instance).

AFAIK, most users run a _service like;

I use a script to pull the latest git release locally first, eg;

Looks like a pretty simple service, but it has to be installed and set up properly.

Did you install dependencies and enable?

I don’t build on OBS (so anything I say in this area should be taken with a grain of salt)

As described in your link, the requirements

And, note that this service hasn’t built successfully for all target platforms


Ah thanks :slight_smile: I guess it’s just not installed on the official OBS then. Will look into a custom script like yours thanks!