How to use 'Download files as specified in spec file`


can anyone give me a hand on how to use the a.m. service? It asks for parameters like recompress or enforceupstream, but I have no idea (and dont find any help in this area) on how to use this.

The file that I actually like to process is:


PS: A ‘help’ Button for the parameters of the services is very much appreciated. Thanks!

Easy solution:

Put that URL into Source tag of spec file. then use that feature.

But *.tgz might be not a good compression format.

Better solution:

  1. use “Download file from url” to download it.
  2. use “Recompression” to change compression format to tar.gz.

The openSUSE build standard is to use what ever compression the tarball
comes in as well as referencing the full download url source/name.

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