How to use Boot Loader to recover dual boot menu

Since latest updates i no longer have Win10 in boot menu … just OS15.

The hard disk is a 250gig SSD … NTFS system on sda2 and OS ext4 / on sda6.

Both Operating Systems had been available until a recent OS update. I can see there are ways to adjust Grub with Boot Loader … however am unsure how to go about it (fearful of making system NON bootable). Have researched about BootLoader but it is not clear to me how i should proceed.


Sure Windows Fast boot is off?

May help to go to Yast -boot loader and be sure the scan for foreign OS box is checked (think on last tab) Accept and grub will be reinstalled.

Windows Fast boot?? Unsure!

Here is the state of my Boot Loader.

Since box is checked uncheck then recheck to trick Yast into thinking you changed something then accept to reinstall grub.

Also Which OS got the update?? I know new Windows are being pushed out and it may result in fast boot being turned on again

Can you boot to Windows via the UEFI boot menu?

Also see if os-prober returns anything useful

I am a newbie, so let an expert respond to this before trying it!
The experts in here can advise as to the validity of this, and tell you yea or nay!

I have had that problem several times since updating to Leap on this HP Compaq desktop, and each time I got Windows 10 back in the Grub2 menu by doing a ‘make-config’ for grub.

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

For some reason IMO Leap does not always like the Windows boot loader and drops it.
Anyhow, the ‘make config’ has always RE-FOUND it.
Your Yast Boot Loader images look fine to me.

os_prober will show all bootable OS that are found. If Windows is not found then either it is damaged in someway or fast boot is on. Redoing the config will not fix if Windows is unreachable and basically that is what the Yast modal does anyway.

Thanks!! That did the trick … :wink: