how to use appimages seamlessly with leap 42.2?

is there a tool like yast2 to install an appimage as you install an app with yast2?


Doesn’t appear to be,
But if deploying an appimage file is as simple as the website homepage says it is,
Then creating a YaST module to manage appimages could be a nice beginner project (should be very simple).

You would just need to find someone who has the motivation to do it, maybe less than a day to a day or two depending on the skill level. Might require next to no coding expertise.
Could be as simple as…

  1. Identify the functions you’d want in a YaST module, eg list, select, execute, install, uninstall
  2. Find an existing YaST module that has all the desired functions (or in several)
  3. Create a copy of the existing module’s code to make your own(should all be on github, probably also in OBS). Modify as necessary.
  4. Submit to openSUSE to add to repos.

The same could be said for any of the other similar technologies (eg Snap, Flatpak)


AppImages do not need to be installed, hence there is no need for a YaST module. You simply download an AppImage, set the executable bit, and run it. The optional appimaged daemon can automatically set the executable bit for you, and can integrate AppImages into the menus, and install MIME types, and file associations. A tool that updates AppImages automatically using zsync based binary delta updates would still need to be written; in the meantime you can use AppImageUpdate.