How to use Allegro on Code::Blocks?

I’m have been trying lately to do some development on Linux and gave OpenSUSE 13.2 a try, I have installed Code::Blocks and found that Allegro 5 is in the games repo.

I got allegro 5 from there, added the repo and did a zypper install but how do I tell code::blocks to use allegro?

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I am not a developer and I do not know the answer. But why didn’t you post this in one of the sub-forums of the Development forum here:

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Hey hcw! The applications forums says it’s also open for configuration problems which is my case, It’s not a development/code issue itself, it’s just a problem on how to configure Code::Blocks to use Allegro 5.

I don’t mind to move the post, I just need help!

OK, when you think it draws a better audience here, we leave it as it is. In any case, our conversation might highlight this thread :slight_smile:


Allegro is not linked up to Code::Blocks by default so in your IDE select Settings > Compiler and Debugger > Linker Settings and type the following into “Other linker options”

allego-config --libs --static

This doesn’t works…

But I found a solution! Might post a tutorial.

you need to install the allegro devel packages

sudo zypper in liballegro-devel

if you want to have allegro integrated in the code::blocks GUI you need to get adition code::blocks wizard scripts
for allegro scripts try here
you need to get the allegro wizards from the zip above, unpack them somewhere in your home and then edit code:blocks gui to show them.

hope this helps