How-to: Use a specific repository mirror

I want to configure Yast to use package repositories from a specific geographical location (e.g. Germany) or domain (.DE). If not, than at least a specific mirror in this region (say: The reason is that, I’m from Georgia and Yast usually redirects to package repositories in “my” region (usually Japanese servers), as it considers them optimum for me, whilst in reality making use of package repositories a headache with catastrophically low down-speed (below 5 kb/s on average) and constant connection breakdowns. And a local openSUSE mirror is still a work in progress.

I’m using openSUSE 11.1 on an i686 machine (P4)

Thanks in advance!

Go Yast, Software, Software Repositories, Add, Specify Url, Click Next

In the Repository Name box put a name for you to recognise the repo you’re adding by

In the URL box put the repository’s url, e.g.

CLick Next, allow importing of any keys it asks about etc