How to upload a new version of a file?

there are some python packages that have been updated, but not in the official repo, so how can i update them?

Via the build service and maintenance update process, if deemed acceptable (updates for the sake of updates doesn’t count), you can always push an update to the development project on OBS.

ah, thank you.
and what if the version already exists, but in another repo; for example, python-tornado exists in the default repo, but with an old version (3.2), so, after adding the python repo separatly, now, i get the latest one (4.0.2).
so is there a way to fix that?

Since it’s a version jump, unless there are security concerns it would never make it into the 13.2 (or less) update repository.

I’m guessing 4.02 came out after the split from factory. So the only way to use/install it is via the development repository;

So your stuck with adding an additional repository devel:languages:python

ah, thank you :slight_smile:
and by the way, i added some repos for the web dev: