How to upgrade to the latest beta build?

I downloaded and installed openSUSE 11 (the stable one). However i would prefer to go with the newer build. How do i auto update??

The latest beta - and all on-going development towards the next release - is in “Factory”. That is, if you upgrade from Factory you will get the versions of the packages at the moment in time, which will continue to change until the next official release point.

Because of the instability of KDE 4.0, an exception was made and the “Factory KDE 4.1 Desktop” repo was created, which is different than “Factory” which includes everything in the next release. You can use this 4.1 Desktop to upgrade only KDE, and it closely tracks the next-release Factory.

The 3rd choice is to upgrade via the Beta DVD, (Beta 3 will be out this coming week).