How to upgrade to KDE4 latest version?

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can anyone tell me what the best way is to upgrade to KDE 4 latest version on OpenSUSE 11.0?

KDE 4.1 is to be released tomorrow (29 July), and the corresponding packages will be updated in the repository Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.0 soon thereafter. You should subscribe to this repository and upgrade all kde4 packages to that if you wish to use KDE 4.1. KDE 4.0 of course will continue to be supported by online updates on openSUSE 11.0.
You can also do a one click install from the above repository.

how do i upgrade kde3.5.9 to kde 4 ?

To install KDE4, just do the following…


Add the following repository to your package manager (if you don’t already have the OSS Repository added) and then login to YaST and start the package manager. Once the repositories load, look to the left to find a dropdown menu labeled: “Groups.” Click the menu and change the option to “Patterns.” Once you have, the left column will refresh. Look for a header called: " Environments." Once you find it, click the following packages and press the “Install All” button…


  • KDE4 Base System
  • KDE4 Desktop Environment

Once you have slated those patterns for installation, click the “Apply” button on the bottom-right of the package manager to install the package. This may take a few minutes do to the size of the packages being installed. When it is finished, logout. On the boot/login screen, there is a link on the bottom-left called: “Sessions.” Click this, and a prompt will appear. Select “KDE4” from this prompt, and when asked, set it as your default desktop environment. By doing this, you don’t have to choose KDE4 every time you login: you will automatically be logged into KDE4, rather than KDE3.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


That is not the latest version of KDE. To get the latest version of KDE (4.1) you have to enable the KDE 4 Factory repo, which is already listed as one of the community repos in the Addon Products category in Yast. After enabling that repo, then proceed with selecting the patterns KDE 4 Base System and Desktop Environment.

Sorry. Was replying to the message above.

Considering KDE4.1 is a developmental version, for a normal user, the 4.0.x would be a better idea.

That’s the reason why I suggested the stable version for Dissolid.

thx Unseen-Ghost everything went perfect :slight_smile:

i just wanted to check the KDE4 i still have KDE 3.5.9 as backup :wink:

No problem. :slight_smile:

To get back into KDE3, just open the Session menu and select it from the list.

I note there was a kde-4.1 RC1 release (on an installable CD) being made available by of openSUSE-11.0 and posted here (dated 15-July-08):
“KDE Four Live” CD](

This is of interest for those of us who have thus far not been tempted to try out KDE-4 by means other than a live CD.

Hence I’m watching that URL with curiousity to see if some time after KDE-4.1 is “officially” released, if that page is updated from providing RC1 to providing a more current 4.1 “GM”, or “official” (or what ever they call the final 4.1 release).

I note that URL now takes one to the KDE-4.1 ‘official release’ on an openSUSE-11.0 live CD. I’ve been cautioned that that is only KDE and there is also a mix of some “alpha” version software with that liveCD.

Uhhh it is the other way round. KDE4.0 was the development release, just for testing and for a production PC 3.5.x would be the best.
KDE4.1 should now solve all issues the development version KDE4.0 had between Jan-July.

The liveCD’s are pretty much auto-generated using kiwi, so there shouldn’t be any alpha packages that are unrelated to KDE 4.1, and now that 4.1 is final, there shouldn’t be any alpha packages at all. It should be the equivalent of an openSUSE 11.0 base install, with the newer KDE 4.1 packages from KDE/factory.

Of course, should is not necessarily in synch with reality at the best of times… :wink:


Will 4.1 remain in factory repos now that it iis final?? What about when they start on 4.2? Won’t we begin to mix some alpha packages and have dependency problems with the factory repos enabled? :eek:

uhm… I enabled Factory repository in Yast, then I went in Yast and checked ‘update’ for every KDE-related package I thought I would need.

Well, it worked this way but… maybe better to do it with the patterns?

They have added 1-click install links at KDE/KDE4 - openSUSE which should make it easier.

One thing that has confused the issue for many people is the “factory” nomenclature. There is a version of KDE for factory openSUSE, and factory KDE for released openSUSE. (One person on the mailing-lists referred to it as a Gordian knot of product naming, which I found amusing… :wink: )

Anyone wanting KDE 4.1 should use KDE4-factory for openSUSE 10.3/11.0, as opposed to KDE4 for factory. Even though they are the same pacakges.

Stay away from UNSTABLE, though.

Hope this, er, helps?