how to upgrade suse 11.3 to 11.4

Thank you Carlos E.R and for the benefit of those following my problems I’ve solved it using the nomodeset at boot kernel command line

Cheers too,

(Dell OptiplexGX620 - 11.4 on ext USB partition)

On 03/15/2011 10:36 AM, petermcph wrote:
> a clean install - which is what I should have done in the first
> place.

that is what i always do (and then bring in the data)…but, there are
others who always upgrades (Carlos is one who does)…i would say if
you do want to try the upgrade it is best to follow this how-to,

but Carlos swears by another, i think (not sure) this one:

it is a pity there are two, so prominent…another reason i always
upgrade by not, and doing a clean install instead (which is good thing
because all ~/.[configs] of the junk i installed and FORGOT about with
never using are gone!)

> All is now well.

that is the good news!!

[NNTP posted w/openSUSE 11.3, KDE4.5.5, Thunderbird3.1.8, nVidia
173.14.28 3D, Athlon 64 3000+]
“It is far easier to read, understand and follow the instructions than
to undo the problems caused by not.” DD 23 Jan 11

On 2011-03-15 15:24, DenverD wrote:
> On 03/15/2011 10:36 AM, petermcph wrote:
>> a clean install - which is what I should have done in the first
>> place.
> that is what i always do (and then bring in the data)…but, there are
> others who always upgrades (Carlos is one who does)…

There are two methods, as you say; one is old, the other is recent, many
people wanted an online method. I have used both successfully: the dup
method is used a lot by factory testers, to go from one factory version to
the next, week by week.

The DVD or offline method is more powerful, it can do better adjustements,
IMO. But slower.

One thing I’m unsure now if the documentation says, is that you should do a
full backup previous to any upgrade (or fresh reinstall) procedure. An
upgrade is a complicated thing, it needs some experience. I don’t know if
people are aware that they have to review the list of changed config files
(run rcrpmconfigcheck)

And the other thing, is that all those people having problems with upgrades
are not reporting bugzillas, and so those problems will never be solved.

I think that the main problem they have is video, which is reset to the
default, in-kernel method. If this doesn’t work, same as in 11.3, the user
has to repeat the same procedure they did to get video on in 11.3

I use a trick: before upgrading, I have also installed a small test
partition fresh, usually factory and later GM. I know if the final version
works before committing the upgrade of the work partition, and I can
compare configs of both if something goes wrong.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)

Hello all,

I attempted to upgrade my 11.3 box to 11.4 using the downloaded DVD. It gave a warning prior to initiating the upgrade that said my disk driver may need to be replaced prior to the upgrade as there was no consistency between versions, something to that effect.

I took a leap of faith and initiated the upgrade which seemed to go well except when it rebooted, my system hung. I believe it requires a different disk driver and that the warning message gave the the clue. However I am not fluent in the configuration files involved or where they are located and which line must be edited so I am requesting help. Nor am I sure that this in fact is the problem, but I suspect it as the emergency repair program can access the drives.

I was able to boot into maintenance mode and able to mount the volumes looking up from an 11.0 “bible” book the correct syntax to do so. Therefore I can access whatever config files if I know where to look. Is it possible to initiate upon bootup a log file that I can refer to for checking at which point the system hung? Doing so will give me a clue where to begin. NO?

Also I am not versed in the use of the native text editors and wonder if someone can recommend which one is user friendly that the maintenance boot has installed?

Any help is greatly appreciated as I had begun using this system as a daily workstation after my windows xp system died on me. It was a synch server for my workstation and has all my data on it. I also have a backup of my data already.

The reason I need to backup is that once I switched over to it as my daily workstation I had a need to install software that would give me the functionality of my old xp box (a screen capture utility, media player, upgraded browser, anti-virus, spyware, etc.). I found when I tried to do these install/upgrades, the upgrade program would fail, unable to find files it needed. I have since concluded that these files or repositories changed or changed locations since this version is already old and the needed repositories no longer exist in their default location. Hence the need to upgrade. I also want to take it to 21.1 after this which will probably bring up more issues, but one step at at time.



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