How to upgrade OpenSuse 10.0 on a running system

I have an installation of 10.0 which works just fine, but I want to install some new software and I can’t find a repository for some of the pre-requisites, so I guess it is time to upgrade the installation to a supported version. I know I can do a “clean” install, but I don’t want to. I am not happy that my data is sufficiently protected/separated. I would really prefer to do a running upgrade or at least some kind of parallel install.
I did the installation over the internet from the installation repositories and that would be my preference for the upgrade.
Can anyone point me to some step by step instructions?
Alternatively, is anyone keeping an old repository for 10.0 or is there a way that I could download an iso, burn it and effectively have my own repository?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Alex May

10.0 is no longer supported and support for 10.2 will terminate on 30 November. You need to install at least 10.3 to get any support after the end of this month.

There is roughly a two year cycle and 10 is over three years old.

Thanks, I appreciate that,
but my problem is more “how” than “what”
if anyone can give me some more detail on how I
can do the upgrade without starting from scratch,
that would really help.

Unfortunately until 11.0 SUSE did not have in-situ version upgrade, unlike say Debian or Ubuntu. You can only upgrade 10.x by booting off the newer version. If you do it this way, there will be downtime due to the boot, plus additional downtime due to reconciling inconsistencies.

If you can get hold of a second machine, your bet bet would be to install the latest version and then configure the services and port the custom apps you need over. This would also be a chance to do some cleanup.