How to upgrade from 13.[12] to Leap?

I have a number of machines running 13.1 and one on 13.2. Clearly I need to upgrade but so far I have failed in the attempt.

First attempt on a 13.1 x86_64 failed when it said there was no network connection, and after configuring it correctly (IP, DNS, route, password) it asserted that it could not download the repositories and then said the device was not compatible.
I has enough memory, speed as far as I can tell (Lenovo x200s)

How should I proceed?

How? There are several ways to go from a 13.1/2 system to a Leap 42.2 system. When you do not tell what you did, we can not comment on it.

Apologies - I thought I had said that but cearly I gig not

I am using a DVD of Leap4.2 d/loaded from opensuse as going via the 13.1->13.2->L14.->14.2 seemed tedious to say the least.

Target is laptop with wifi on lan behind a firewall-computer to fibre to the cabinet PPPoE
Is that suffiient?

And what are you doing with it. After boot there is the first decision to take:

  • Installation (with will give you a fresh installation where you can of course keep your non-system partitions like /home untouched);
  • Upgrade (which will load the packages over the old packages and which is mostly only recommended for one version step at a time).

We are not at your premises, we can not look over your shoulder. We really depend on your report. Using generalised English words like “upgrade” which can mean many different things in the context of computer software is not enough to convene that exact steps you took to those separated from you by space (around the globe) and time and who can only read what you typed.

IMO trying to upgrade across that many version is bound to have problems. Yes it can be done but be prepared for odd problems. Assuming you have a separate home partition. Note the important apps you use. Do a fresh install to your current root and be sure that you mount your current home but DO NOT format it. Once you have the system up and running install your important apps. LEAP has fundamental changes so going from 13.1/2 to LEAP is truly a leap. Doing a clean install will over all be quicker and less problems. If you want to test your hardware first to be sure things work try a live DVD from GeckoLinux

Believe the following is the only officially supported path.

  1. Upgrade your 13.1 > 13.2 using the 13.2 DVD.
  2. I haven’t looked around to try to find it, but you need to add the 13.2 update repo, and then run
zypper update

Note that 13.2 is now deprecated, so no more contributions are being made to the 13.2 update repo.
3. You can then do the offline upgrade using a DVD or do an online upgrade following the instructions at the SDB:System Upgrade

Good Luck…

When I said “upgrade” I was using the terminology of the DVD.

Only one machine of the five has /home as a partition so it looks as if I will have to go step by step or do a cold installation – except for the 32bit machine which may have to go Debian

You can upgrade following the steps I described.
A 32-bit openSUSE option is to migrate (upgrade) to Tumbleweed.


Slowly getting there! The 64bit computers with ext4 filing systems are either on 42.2 or on their way.

I am now stuck with two problem.

1: one computer has btfs filing system, and according to the “SDB:System upgrade” page upgrading via zypper dup needs ome operations on snapshots. I find the instructions opaque – I have never knowingly used a snapshot and only used btfs as it was default or 13.2 on a new computer. What is a subvolume? It all looks scarey Can anyone give clearer instructions?

2: I still have one 32bit machine which I guess I need to work out how to go to Tumbleweed