How to upgrade from 11.3 to Milestone 5/6?

For what I have understood I have to change repositories but which repositories? Someone says a generic ‘factory’ but what I have to write in the ‘fields’? Actually there is for example ‘/update/11.3/’, and there are nVidia, Packman, Oss and non-Oss repositories.
Can I use the old nVidia and Packman repositories? When the repositories will be final like in 11.3 (es. /update/11.4 and no more ‘factory’)?

Is it the OpenSUSE team working for a one-click distribution upgrade like Ubuntu. It would attract many more customers than a new kernel and a new version of Gnome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Many thanks.

I don’t advise you do this
Unless you are OK with a potential disaster !

Yes, I know how to format the PC and have a backup of mine data.
I have problems with 11.3 and hope them to be resolved in 11.4 beta or I will have to switch to Ubuntu 10.10.

I could go without Moblock (I would like it but…) but cannot without Wine. I don’t know which problems cause Wine to not work properly in mine 11.3 configuration but hope the 11.4 will resolve the situation. I’m searching for the operating system of mine future PC and I’m testing both OpenSuse and Ubuntu. I like both for different reasons.

P.S.: I would have not switched to M1 but probably M6 is mature enough to test (or not?).

Can’t you snitch some space and install 11.4, rather than trying to ‘dup’ over 11.3
M6 should be released today I think

Yes, I think I could do that. Thanks for the advice.

Since I have ‘home’ in a separated partition the new installation will recognise it automatically or will suggest to create a new ‘home’?


I agree it’s best to do a clean install in another partition, or better yet another hard drive. I’m running 11.4 M5 and it actually is more useable with fewer problems than 11.3. YMMV of course. As far as /home is concerned there are some new apps, like Firefox 4 that may cause problems using old config files. Some of the Firefox addons don’t play well with the newest beta. I prefer to do a clean install and use a new /home directory. It’s very easy to then copy data over and I’ve found it less time consuming than trying to diagnose the problems. Have fun!

Tetsuro wrote:
> For what I have understood

you do understand that 11.4 Mx or RCx are all STILL experimental
software and should NOT be used as your everyday system? right?

it is recommended that you ONLY put it on a test machine with
nothing you want to keep on any of the attached drives (internal or

thought i should mention that these Milestones and Release Candidates
are available for TESTING, not daily use…

if you want to test you are VERY welcome…but, are you qualified to
test and REPORT the bugs you will find?

i can only guess that if have to ask how to “upgrade” from a working
to TEST system you probably don’t have the experience in openSUSE
needed to do the testing…

anyway, no one can at this point consider laying 11.4 over 11.3 as an
‘upgrade’ as used in your subject line…

> Is it the OpenSUSE team working for a one-click distribution upgrade
> like Ubuntu. It would attract many more customers than a new kernel and
> a new version of Gnome.

imHo attracting “more customers” or dissatisified Ubuntu users is not
necessarily a goal we need to aim for…

personally i’d prefer to attract folks keen on stable, reliable,
dependable, fast, efficient and secure systems which are easy for
intermediate to advanced and enterprise users/administrators to setup
and maintain on modern hardware…

that said, while the upgrade path is not “one click” it is darn simple
for a patient and attentive reader to follow successfully:

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]
Be it ever so humble, there is no place like

Sorry but what you prefer is not what ‘everyone prefer’. I have already heard those words from Debian people where someone said ‘we no need those kind of users’, etc. I understand it for Debian as it is an accademic distribution but do not understand it for openSUSE since it’s more towards ‘human beings’ (that necessitate an easy and COMPLETE system).
I have tried many distributions and to me OpenSUSE : Ubuntu = Fedora : Debian.

Maybe you are not for ‘a distribution for the human beings’ (like Ubuntu) but maybe some other people in the opeSUSE community are aiming at it. For what I’ve read (correct me if I’m wrong): ‘a project for everybody striving for an open free software distribution that enables all computer users to reach their individual goals’ and ‘create a distribution which is stable, easy to use and a complete multi-purpose distribution for users and developers, for desktop and server use, for beginners and experienced users, for everybody’.

I think it will be better for OpenSUSE to watch what others are doing and eat the best from everyone like Ubuntu did in the past (eating from Debian and Apple). That’s not to say OpenSUSE must not have it’s own identity. A one click distribution update would attract more customers, and the more the better. It’s just mine opinion.

P.S.: I think I will create a new home and copy the relevant data as suggested. I do not want to install M6 for reporting bugs (and yes I have reported bugs in the past for Ubuntu), I just want to test the distribution to see what’s coming in March and if I can switch from Ubuntu to OpenSUSE.