How to Upgrade Banshee in 11.2?

I’m curious about the proper way to go about upgrading Banshee. I am using Banshee 1.6 (beta 2) 1.5.1. All I’m actually interested in is getting the Amazon mp3 extension to work, and I don’t see this extension in my current version of Banshee. Yesterday, I tried to upgrade & ended up wiping my whole hard drive & had to re-install 11.2 but I’m sure that was my inexperience more than anything else. I’m not sure of the proper procedure to upgrade any particular package on 11.2 actually. I just leave them alone & it works great. I could add the Banshee repo (which I have not done) but even if I uninstall 1.6 which I have now, and then re-install the newer app from the repo, it will not work. It says it installs properly (I know this from yesterday) but the program doesn’t show up in the menu. So I know I’m doing something wrong. Any help greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: Thanks.

Correct me if I’m wrong (what follows is from my experience of Ubuntu and not SUSE and so
might be wrong)

Isn’t it that when you add and enable a repository (in this case the Banshee one) it should
automatically update it during a normal system update? I don’t think you need to completely remove the old Banshee before installing the new one.

You said it doesn’t end up in the menu. Does it work when run from a terminal? I’m not sure
of the exact command though, I think it could be “banshee”.

Yeah it should work from terminal, but I did not try that. I will try to add the new Banshee repo and see what happens, I’ll do a system update. Thanks for the info though! I guess in the future for any other programs I want to upgrade, I could just do this same thing, just add the new repo & do an update?