how to update?

I just installed the M7 version.
My question is how to set repo so that it can automatically update to the lastest version? Or just use the defualt setting?

I think the milestones are like snapshots without updates. You need to move to the Factory repos. Here is a link to the guide. I used this guide and seems to be working. I’m still downloading updates though, so we’ll see. Step 4 didn’t seem to work for me so I just skipped it.

Check your grub.lst before rebooting to avoid this

thank you very much.:stuck_out_tongue:

I am using the following list of repositories to do upgrades from Milestone to Milestone by “zypper dup” and for the same Milestone by “zypper up”:

As for Nvidia drivers, VMware or virtualbox, you need to recompile them each time you get a new kernel
Nvidia drivers: execute the script downloaded from nvidia’s site (e.g.
Virtualbox: /etc/init.d/vbodrv setup
VMware: vmware-modconfig --noconcole --install-all (+ insert “export VMWARE_USE_SHIPPED_GTK=force” at the end of /etc/vmware/bootstrap to avoid the infamous Pb: mouse ungrabs outside of the 640*480 upper left part of the screen)

unfortunately, “this” happened. More serious, the file initrd-kernelversion-default lost during update. Maybe there is a bug.
I had to reinstall. Using Factory is really dangerous.

It isn’t a “bug”, because updating using factory is not officially supported.

The standard testing model is to install the milestone images. If you use factory instead, expect breakage…