How to update Tumbleweed

I know that the proper way to update Tumbleweed is with “zypper dup” but I have seen some remarks here suggesting that the Software Update app has been modified for Tumbleweed to do a “zypper dup”. I have not seen anything definitive, though.

So, is it OK now to use the Software Update app to update Tumbleweed?

If you mean the applets for GNOME and KDE, yes. They perform a dup on TW since a while.

I’ve been doing research on this.

I don’t see official documentation on this - I wonder if we should at least reference it.

What do you think?

Please do not hang your question at the end of a years old thread. Many peopl;e will not see it.

Better start a new topic (and when you need to reference and old one, then you can always link to it).

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