How to update /etc/filesystem ?

I do not think the bug asked him. There are at least four or five threads about this problem (please search for them to make your own assessment) and there this bypass was offered.

Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear, I meant to ask whether he couldn’t use ntfs-3g to mount the ntfs because of the bug. That’s all.

What these people want IMHO is that there dynamic (that means after boot) connected USB devices with NTFS file systems on them be mounted automaticaly by the system to be usable by the user that is loged in into the GUI at that moment in time. Like it did before the kernel security update was done.

When my idea about this expressed above is true, the update brought a regression and that should be fixed. In the meantime some people found a rather easy to implement bypass. When your bypass also works and is at leat as easy to implement as the mere adding of a line to /etc/filesystems, please publish it.

It looks like there are actually the same.

# readlink -f /sbin/mount.ntfs
# readlink -f /sbin/mount.ntfs-3g

Btw the bug seems to affect only auto mounting (more precisely mounting with type ‘auto’).


I just answered the same question in another post. Don’t you think the /etc/filesystems hack should be sticked somewhere?

Hm, I will see if that is feasable. Is there a bug allready filed (I can not file a bug as I do not have the problem, having another kernel)?

I wouldn’t really classifie it as a bug, it is simply a format, which isn’t supported by the new kernel update by default.
Or is it really a bug and the system format just doesn’t show up in the /etc/filesystems file, though it actually should?

And so it is a bug. :wink: