how to update clipgrab on a opensuse 13.2 ?

hello dear community,

how to update clipgrab on a opensuse 13.2 ?

note: i have installed version 3.4.11

this seems to be outdated - how to update this

can the update done be with the console?

hello dear kerian

many many thanks: now i ve installed the version 3-5-5

while i try to download a certain clip from youtube i get the message

wait a moment while clipgrab is loading some informations upon this video…

and nothing eles happens

btw: i also get a popup:

the installed version of ffmpeg is outdated
downloading 1080p videos from youtube is not suppoerted

what can i do !?

Note i do not want to download videios with 1080 pixel - but why the clipgrab does not work at all…

love to hear from you:):slight_smile:

Dear Dilbert,
Thank you for having the faith in me to help, but unfortunately,
I am not the one to be able to help you. I simply knew where to get the rpm you were looking for.
Hopefully for you, maybe one of our other great volunteers here may be able to help.

As an aside, the proper spelling of my nickname is kerijan and not kerian. Kerijan, is the sanskrit word for unicorn.

good day dear kerijan

many thanks for the answer - great to hear from you

thanks for all your explanation. Now it works fine.


I’m simply happy I could help.