How to uninstall the KDE 4.1 1-Click Install

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I’m brand new to OpenSuse, so I hope someone can help… :slight_smile:
I installed OpenSuse 11.0 from a DVD I got with Linux Format magazine, and I think it’s great. I’ve used Ubuntu for a couple of years, and tried loads of other distros, but OpenSuse could finally be the one to make me move away from Ubuntu for good.

I was very happy with the desktop installed from the disc (KDE 4.0.4, I think), but curiosity got the better of me and when I saw the KDE 4.1 packages had been released I installed them using the 1-Click Install link from the news page. As I understand it, this has installed the default KDE 4.1 packages from the ‘Factory’ repository, which isn’t exactly the same thing as the “official” version which will ship with OpenSuse 11.1 in December?

Anyway, I’m really hating 4.1 and I’d like to go back. (The Plasmoids I liked don’t work any more, my sound card fails at every boot, and I get Plasma crashes randomly as well as at every shutdown!) So my question is, how to I “uninstall” the 1-Click Install and get back to the default KDE 4.0 desktop?
I can’t find a ‘KDE4.1-desktop’ package to remove (which I might expect to find in something like Synaptic). And I considered doing a KDE 4.0 1-Click Install over the top of my current system, but got lots of questions about whether I want to overwrite things with old things. And I wasn’t sure that it wasn’t installing the ‘Factory’ KDE4 version, when what I want is the Suse branded version (with the blue titlebar for windows, not those horrible stripes!).

I know I could reinstall the whole OS from the disc, but obviously that would be a last resort.

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I currently only have the idea how it could work but this is without warranty :smiley:

  1. remove the kde4 factory repository from “software repositories”
  2. got to yast softwaremanagement and select as Filter: software resporitories. Then beneath the listed repositories there is a secondary filter. Select the second entry something like not administered packages. After choose packets->all in this list and force a refresh.

Maybe there is a simpler way. But keep in mind that I didn’t test downgrading kde it might fail.

Hope this helps

Here’s what I would do: go to:
KDE 4.1 / 11.0 / x86_64 - openSUSE Forums post #6 and setup those 4.1 repos (as they have changed)
and remove the earlier KDE repos (delete them).

Then in Yast, do a forced update of all the KDE rpms, logout & log back in
Then I would do an online update.