How to uninstall/remove openSUSE on a dual boot system

Hello, I would like to remove openSUSE (11.3) from my dual boot (/Windows) system. In the old days, the install CD used to have an option for that, but now my DVD doesn’t have anything, or perhaps I overlooked? I can’t find it anyway… Can someone help?

So, you did not tell us what version of Windows you have installed? Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 have repair modes that put Windows back into the captains chair after booting their installation disk and selecting repair instead of Install.

The bottom line there is one or two things that must happen, on a single hard drive to boot Windows. Number one is restore the MBR (Master Boot Record) if you elected to load Grub into the MBR. Seems like Windows XP had a fixmbr or something like that on its boot CD. Second, is to make the Windows Partition the Active or booting partition.

Once complete and you can boot Windows, use the Windows Disk Manager to remove the openSUSE and SWAP partitions. Not sure what you want to do after that.

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Many thanks for your prompt response.
I have Windows Vista installed, but I don’t have the install disk(s) – it seems to have been lost during a recent move.
What to do next, then?
By the way, I have Grub for boot.

You are really playing with fire if you have no Windows disk. You can boot any LiveCD from openSUSE and user the YaST partitioner or the Gnome GParted program to set the Windows Partition as active. You can also search for GParted on the net and download a boot disk that contains a small live copy of Linux and runs GParted for you.

However, I don’t know how to get a generic MBR loaded again Windows a Windows boot disk, unless you reinstall openSUSE and this time elect to load Grub into the openSUSE partition and then in the Grub Boot Loader option, select to load a generic MBR, which can boot Windows if Windows is the Active Partition.

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Thanks again, that seems all so complicated! Isn’t there an easier way to do that? Wouldn’t there be anything I have overlooked on the openSUSE install DVD?
And let’s say I found the Windows install disk. How should I proceed from there?
Again, many hanks for your help.

Boot from the Windows installation disk and when you come to the point to select install, the option to repair will be there as well. You can search the internet on using the Windows Vista Disk to repair your installation and get more detail on the subject.

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Okay, thank you very much!

You are welcome DizzyPuppy and good luck.

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