How to Uninstall Opensuse 11.4

I would like to remove 11.4 and start over…I also have WIN 7 installed?

By “start over”, do you mean reinstalling openSUSE? If so, you don’t need to uninstall it before, just start the DVD install.

Yes gropiuskalle, I meant starting over…what is happening is: I have a 640GB HD0 and a 2TB HD1, with windows 7 and opensuse11.4 , I am unable to boot into the SuSE11.4 GUI…I also have windows partitions on both drives :frowning: any suggestions?

On 2011-04-27 03:36, MontiCiski wrote:
> any suggestions?

Insufficient detail to compute a reply.

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On 04/27/2011 03:36 AM, MontiCiski wrote:
> I meant starting over…

see if this how-to is helpful:

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When your real problem is that the GUI does not start, start a thread on that with a good description on what happens during boot and where it got stuck. Reinstalling is no cure for most problems because you will naturaly end up in the same situation as before.

We know at least that you have Intel Graphics.


Agreed here: solve the graphics problem for the installed 11.4, reinstalling will mean regenerating the problem.

Or…did things work in 11.4 first, and stopped working later ?

If you insist on starting over, do what you did before, but stop at the partitioning stage, and choose “Import mountpoints”. It will leave your /home intact, format the 11.4 rootpartition and perform a clean install

In my opinion is not a good idea to uninstall openSUSE 11.4. Format or uninstallation is windows way.

I installed 11.3 w/ no prob. I think it’s the 11.4 disc, thanks all